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Tamikan Space Gals: Ife, Cybe and Kaan

It is the end of the year and with this Tamikan Space preorder we've launched a winter holiday event as well: every one who will order a Humanoid girl (be it Gal or Aua) up to 7th of January will also get a present of their choice: a personal visor gadget or a newly born TinyTardie!

Tamikan Space Gal Ife and TinyTardie

Also, we were working hard to make a kind of advent calender out of this preorder and add something new, like several outfit items of the second location collection—and of course TinyTardies themselves—to the site and Instagram every couple of days. Among the first, for example, is this Hippie full set Tardigrade, who surely knows where and how to spend the winter season!

Hippie Tamikan Space Pet Tardigrade

Pet Tardigrade has got a choice of two basic colours: the opaque yellow HereComesTheSun (like that of the above flower child's) and a completely new one—Stormy—transparent darker aquamarine:

Stormy Tamikan Space Pet Tardigrade

We are offering Tamikan Space Gals Ife and Kaan together with up to 10 numbers of Cybe this time. Please, notice, that cyborg body parts are available for all the girls now!

Tamikan Space Gals—Ife, Cybe and Kaan—with TinyTardies

 Unfortunately, basic Naora cannot be ordered now because the first mould (together with all additional faceplates) is being remade, and there will be only two old version full set dolls for sale, the first one is this smiley lady:

Tamikan Space Gal Naora

There're more news and surprises on the way—stay tuned!

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