Tamikan Space HybridTamikan Space Pet TardigradeTatar Nәni Hәzinә Alsu and RuslanTamikan Space AuaAmiGaTas at Tea ceremonyINO TadpoleTamikan Space Gal

This Saturday we are beginning to take orders for our new doll Tamikan Space Gal with mould Naora that we announced and showed at Dollscar BJDcon in June!

Tamikan Space Gal NaoraTamikan Space Gal NaoraTamikan Space girls at IX Dollscar in Moscow in June 2017


Boots and shoes are much harder to find or make for owners than clothes, so we are adding outfit items to Tatar page starting with footwear:

Shoes for Tatar Tatar Nәni HәzinәBoots for Tatar Tatar Nәni HәzinәBoots for Tatar Tatar Nәni HәzinәBoots for Tatar Tatar Nәni Hәzinә

...now they can wink or smile to you!

We have prepared two sets of additional emotional faceplates for Tamikan Space Aua, and we have good news if you missed the first preorder: as an event we are ready to add a couple of dolls to it! Please, visit Tamikan Space Aua order page for more information and pictures!

Tamikan Space Aua faceplates

We have rewritten the Tatar project part of the webpage so now you can e-mail the order directly from there by filling in the forms! This time we are taking only ten orders—so don't miss it:

Tatar Nәni hәzinә AlsuTatar Nәni hәzinә AlsuTatar Nәni hәzinә RuslanTatar Nәni hәzinә Alsu and RuslanTatar Nәni hәzinә Alsu (second edition) and Tatar Nәni hәzinә Ruslan

Also, we are beginning to add AmiGaTas sewing patterns to their bonuses page, starting with girl and Uno boy jeans:

Pattern of jeans for AmiGaTo UnoPattern of jeans for AmiGaTa girl

We hope it really will be, and our girls wish you small and big wonders in it, too:

Happy New Year!Happy New Year!Happy New Year!

We are participating in “Art of the Doll” in Moscow, December, 16-18:

Our podium at “Art of the Doll” exhibition in Moscow, on 16-18 of December, 2016

On our podium we'll show Aua aliens from Connected worlds, Zoe from “Cutie's Casual Company”, tatars–new Ruslan boy and renewed Alsu girl. We'll have not only full set Aua, Zoe, Alsu and AmiGaTa full set dolls for sale, but also INO Kids and Tadpoles, INO pendants, and AmiGaTa clothes and dummies.

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