Tamikan Space GalTamikan Space Pet TardigradeTatar Nәni Hәzinә Alsu and RuslanTamikan Space AuaAmiGaTas at Tea ceremonyINO Tadpole

Today we have reopened the orders for basic AmiGaTa Una and Cuatra and AmiGaTo Uno! We added price list to AmiGaTas Colours page.
Basic AmiGaTa Tresa is already sold out, there are only a few dolls left reserved for exhibitions and festivals fullsets.

Happy Valentine's Day!
New doll teaser!

We have collected all presentation pictures on the page of INO Simple Edition and now it shows not only colours but poses and possibilities of the body as well!

INO Agar and Titan with the seashellINO Agar and Titan with the snagINO Titan hands the seashell over to Quasar and AnemoneINO Quasar and Anemone on the snagINO Volcano with the seashellINO Shelf

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! We are on holiday till January, 5th, but we'll look through the mail from time to time.

We will recieve new orders till January, 15th, then we will have only Simple Edition INO and fullset AmiGaTas available. We will announce the reopening later. And, please, note that releases of basic AmiGaTa Una and Tresa and AmiGaTo Uno are coming to an end.

INO Volcano and the fur-treeINO Volcano and the fur-treeINO Volcano and the fur-treeINO Volcano and the fur-treeINO Volcano and the fur-tree

We added a line of basic clothes such as t-shirts, jeans or sneakers and other footwear for AmiGaTa:

AmiGaTa wearing a t-shirt, jeans and sneakersAmiGaTa wearing light blue jeansAmiGaTa wearing light blue jeansSneakers for AmiGaTa girlSneakers for AmiGaTa girlUgg boots for AmiGaTa girlSlide sandals for AmiGaTa girl

And we also added some more pictures to Witch's story! And lo and behold! She is still waiting for a loving friend to play and conjure something wonderfull together...

AmiGaTa Cuatra as a Witch in the forestAmiGaTa Cuatra as a Witch is searching for ingredients for her potionsAmiGaTa Cuatra as a Witch is resting on the treeAmiGaTa Cuatra as a Witch is observing the neighbourhoodAmiGaTa Cuatra as a Witch's taken offAmiGaTa Cuatra as a Witch  is flying home
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