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And we also added some more pictures to Witch's story! And lo and behold! She is still waiting for a loving friend to play and conjure something wonderfull together...

AmiGaTa Cuatra as a Witch in the forestAmiGaTa Cuatra as a Witch is searching for ingredients for her potionsAmiGaTa Cuatra as a Witch is resting on the treeAmiGaTa Cuatra as a Witch is observing the neighbourhoodAmiGaTa Cuatra as a Witch's taken offAmiGaTa Cuatra as a Witch  is flying home

We have widened eye colours range for both girls and boys! To choose eyes for your doll you can visit AmiGaTa Colours page.

AmiGaTa eyes colours

For this holiday meet a new one of a kind green Cuatra as a witch!

AmiGaTa Cuatra as a Witch is celebrating the eve of All Saints' DayAmiGaTa Cuatra as a Witch is conjuring somethingAmiGaTa Cuatra as a Witch near the fireplaceAmiGaTa Cuatra as a Witch is reading somethingAmiGaTa Cuatra as a Witch is reading something at homeAmiGaTa Cuatra as a Witch is dancingAmiGaTa Cuatra as a Witch is flying awayAmiGaTa Cuatra as a Witch casts a glance over her house

We are participating in Kiev dolls exhibition! Welcome! Two days left!

INO rules the world!AmiGaTas and AmiGaTo from Backstreet collection (and Hippie too)MovingDolls Pig ChuchaDemiurge Dolls NyashkoSophia heads by kkerrinn

We are very sorry that for the last days you have been able to see only the clumsy excuse instead of full page. The preparation for exhibition as usual took more time and labour than was planned. But, we are on-line at last! Now the information about our girls (and boys!) is available in one place. We will be little by little adding photos to the galleries, but today we already have something interestring to look at.

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