Every now and then we prepared a full set doll for a holiday or for other occasions.

Cool hot boy AmiGaTo Duo
Cool hot boy Duo
AmiGaTa Quinta as Kim Boggs
Quinta as Kim Boggs
AmiGaTo Duo as Edward Scissorhands
Duo as Edward Scissorhands
AmiGaTo Uno as an Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny Uno
Pancake Day AmiGaTa Sixta
Pancake day Sixta
Pancake Day AmiGaTa Cuatra
Pancake day Cuatra
AmiGaTa Quinta as a zombie
Quinta as a zombie
AmiGaTa Cuatra as a schoolgirl
Cuatra as a schoolgirl
AmiGaTa Quinta as Lydia from “Beetlejuice”
Quinta as Lydia
AmiGaTa Cuatra as a Witch
Cuatra as a witch
AmiGaTa Tresa as the princess from “Roman Holiday”
Tresa as princess