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Happy New Year from Tamikan Space Gals (and Tardigrades!)

This year's been a hard but exciting for us: we've moved to another part of the country in the end of the summer, and the renovation and unpacking of our workshop is still only partly done, it all takes way more time than we expected initially. But we've finally defined the exact dates of the new Tamikan Space preorder! It begins on January, 6th and will last for two weeks.

A new Naora-15 will be available together with all other Gals (except for the old version of Naora, of course). And it will be the last opportunity to order these versions of Ife, Kaan or Cybe: we'll change the faceplate attachment by the next time and in the process the faces might change quite a bit. Also, please, notice, that we don't plan to hold another preorder for these three molds in 2020!

Tamikan Space Gal Naora-15 preorder

As to Tardigrades they's ve got one basic colour this time, a light transparent one. We also have got one of this kind in stock already, so if you don't want to wait, please, check them out! Moreover, we've got a last couple of Syringitas ready for adoption!

Tamikan Space humanoid aliens are not available this time but we've got one probiotic Hybrid searching for a new home on this planet.


The winter holidays are almost over, but we've got a couple of even more dazzling surprises for January, including one more preorder! This one's for INO Simple dolls, Nebula and Blizzard:

Nebula and Blizzard INO Simple edition

The Tatar children will have a new releases later this year, they've been neglected far too long!

And that's not all, so, please, stay tuned!

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