INO holding a snail

INO appeared for the first time at VII International Doll Salon in Moscow in 2011. They are made of optic urethane resin coloured transparent and opaque, both don't turn yellow. First dolls of this special "complicated" edition have 15 joints, 12 of them double jointed, and 2 different headcaps. INO is 26 cm tall up to the crest and 25 cm wearing bald headcap.

INO are not simply dolls, they are part of the universe with its own stories and heroes. These aliens live on several planets with similar climate, but mostly they dwell in space, often cooperating with other civilizations as volunteers, employees, good specialists in many prefered areas such as genetics, plant cultivation and small autonomous ecosystems, oceanography, power generation sources. It's unknown, why there're only girls, but now they reproduct via parthenogenesis applying gentle genetic correction, particularly change the colour of the child body. The girls are amphibians and dwell in water on their planets, where most of their youngsters grow and get education, but in spaceships they become adapted to living conditions similar to ours.

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