INO Haze in event box

INO Special was produced sinse 2011, and for the time being the orders are closed. She is 26 cm tall including a crest, 25 cm with bald headcap for a wig. She has 15 joints, 12 of them are double. They are made of optical urethane resin, tinted with different colours, both transparent and opaque, that doesn't turn yellow (at least it hasn't for full three years already). Two breast sizes were available. Basic head is solid, but modification with removable headcap with additional "bald" one to wear a wig existing as well, with additional option of changeable eyes. Eyes are beads of black agate. They are mostly held by resin itself and non-changeable, as the stone is too heavy and isn't fixed well enough with usual eye putty.

Height – 25 cm
Material – polyurethane
Joints – 15, 12 of them double
Parts – 29 (30th is optional bald headcap)
Rubber – 1,5 mm
Upper eyes – 8 mm
Lower eyes - 12 mm
Foot – 4,5 cm
Head girth – 11 cm

Solid head is heavier than an usual one, resulting in worse fixation of some inclines, but it looks more showy in transparent colour.

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