Tamikan Space AuaTamikan Space Pet TardigradeTatar Nәni Hәzinә Alsu and RuslanTamikan Space AuaINO KidAmiGaTas at Tea ceremonyINO Tadpole

We carefully divided and grouped the information to keep it more readable and browsable, all fullset dolls now have their pages, as well as wigs article. The outfit page became more accurate and organized.

AmiGaTa A-line dressAmiGaTa tank top with sunny printRed wig for AmiGaTa from Monique TradingAmiGaTo UnoAmiGatas Una, Tresa and Quinta and AmiGaTo Uno from backstreetsAmiGaTa Una as Irish HippieAmiGaTa Quinta as Lydia Deetz from the movie “Beetlejuice”

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There are only three days left to preorder an INO Kid!

Holding INO Kid

We are preparing a reorganized version of AmiGaTas pages, too!

We added some new photos to INO Kid's page!

INO Kid in the desertINO Kid in the desertINO Kid in the desertINO Kid in the desertINO Kid in the desert

INO undergo several stages in their life cycle as many amphibians do, and now two more are available on our website: tadpoles and kids!

INO Tadpoles are released in small quantities in different colours and can be bought at once, INO Kids are available in six colours by preorder up until the end of June.

INO Kid PreorderINO Tadpoles circling in a whirlpool

The INO Kids release is forthcoming, together with separate pages for them and infant INO Tadpoles!

INO Kids preorder coming soon!

 "Doll Time" exhibition is opening tomorrow! We are in the Big hall, right to the stairs.

INOs have got kids, AmiGaTas have got new clothes, Backstreet and Goth collections have got new fullsets of Una, Uno two Tresas and Quinta! And more surprises are waiting for You, ;)

Please, come!

Dummies for AmiGaTas