We added this page to store some extra info, like restringing tutorials and patterns.

Sewing patterns for AmiGaTa girls and AmiGaTo boys

There are downloadable and printable girls and boys trousers patterns drawn on millimetre paper:

Pattern of jeans for AmiGaTo UnoPattern of jeans for AmiGaTa girl

AmiGaTa girl assembling tutorial

You will need an elastic string (we use polyurethane 0.6 mm elastic for beading),  surgical forceps (or some other kind of clip), scissors, piece of wire (better two kinds—thinner and thicker), small pliers, a toothpick.

First, measure off the elastic for the arms, it should be a bit longer than arms stretched sideways.Cut off two pieces of the elastic as we will double-string the limbs.Measure off a length of the elastic a bit longer than the doll height to avoid painful tying of short ends.Legs are double stringed, too.So we need 4 equal pieces of the elastic.Measure off a short length with the forceps for a future knot.String the chest part.Then string the corresponding upperarm, the forearm and the hand. Pull the elastic.String the forearm backwards.Then put the thread throught the upperarm. Don't forget to pull the elastic all the time!String the other arm and take the forceps off the elastic.Pull both ends and hold them with the forceps, then tie a knot.Turn the ends of the elastic two times around itselves.Having got a double knot, cut the ends.Measure off a short part of the second piece of the elastic with the forceps and string the chest and the arm beginning from the same side of the torso.Use the thinner wire “threader” to get the sticking elastic through.Thus, we had to use the wire to pull the elastic through the last upperarm.Pull both ends and hold them with the forceps again.Then tie a double knot.Cut the extra length to get two neat knots.Pull the opposite arm to move the both knots into the chestAnd we've got a classical Terminator without legs, :o)Leg stringing starts from a foot.Align the ends.Push them through the lower leg part……and then through the knee, the thigh and the lower torso, pull the elastic and hold its ends with the forceps.Tie a double knot again.First turn.Second turn.And then tighten the knot.Tighten the knot.Pull off the knot, insert a toothpick to hold the elastic and take off the forceps.Thread a second piece of elastic through the same foot.Then both ends go through the lower leg.And then through the knee and the thigh.Pull out the elastic, tie a double knot and cut off the ends just as the first ones.When the both legs are ready replace the toothpick with a thicker wire “threader”.With the wire “threader” pull all four elastic loops through the chest out of the neck hole.Replace the wire with a toothpick then insert the S-hook.Make sure that the hook is holding every thread loop and remove the toothpick.Put the head on.Pull up and turn the S-hook with the pliers to complete the assembling.
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