Tea ceremony AmiGaTas and AmiGaTos

AmiGaTas took part in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony!

Two maiko are serving tea to two young nobles, but these naive youths don't have the slightest idea, who they have just met and what is waiting for them...

We tried to reconstruct real Japanese costumes as far as it was possible considering the scale. The details and the colors were chosen carefully, especially those of apprentice geishas' kimonos and hairdresses. All the shoes were carved from solid pieces of boxwood the same way that is used to make real size ones.

Tea ceremony AmiGaTo TresoTea ceremony AmiGaTo Treso's geta made of boxwoodTea ceremony AmiGaTo DuoTea ceremony AmiGaTa DuaTea ceremony AmiGaTa DuaTea ceremony AmiGaTasTea ceremony AmiGaTa Tresa

The small diorama was shown in Kiev at autumn Modna Lyalka (Fashion doll) exhibition in 2016.

This collection is the last one for our second AmiGaTo boy Duo and the first one for the third (and last) boy Treso.

Tea ceremony AmiGaTо Treso
Tea ceremony AmiGaTо Duo
Tea ceremony AmiGaTa Dua
Tea ceremony AmiGaTa Tresa
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