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Ife, whose name is Yoruba word for “love”, has got her personal page! Further information and pictures, as well as the order form, can be found there.

Tamikan Space Gal Ife as Ife Abeni, Academia trainee

As we promised earlier, we have doubled a choice of skin tones for our human dolls and added an option of breast size:

Tamikan Space Gal basic skin tonesTamikan Space Gal breast types

And we are at Spring Ball in Moscow till Sunday, showing a departure lounge of the busy orbital spaceport of the planet named Belt! There you can meet a new Academia trainee—Ife Abeni, a young girl from the Belt, a descendant of Bantu colonists.

Tamikan Space Gal Ife as Ife Abeni, Academia trainee

In view of the exhibition, we've reopened the preorder for basic Tamikan Space dolls up to March, 19th. And for the next week we are preparing a new one, for a new Gal face Ife. We are widening the Humans' skin tones palette as well, it includes 6 colours now, and furthermore, we have a choice of 3 types of breast part for the Gal body, so stay tuned!

We've added a new Fan Art page to the site, you can find it here or on Tamikan Space. The pictures sent for our running Tamikan Space Anniversary fan art contest can be seen there. To vote for one of the contestants, please, visit the post on Facebook or on Instagram and write a comment with the number of an author whose works you like best! The votes posted up to 2pm GMT, March, 1st are valid.

2018 FanArt contest2018 FanArt contest2018 FanArt contest2018 FanArt contest2018 FanArt contest

We were asked many times is it possible to order an adult INO. So today we are opening INO Simple Edition preorder with three colours available!

It will last up to February, 14th—and we are not planning to have another for a long time, at least for this year.

2018 INO Simple Edition preorder2018 INO Simple Edition preorder colours

19th of January is a very important date for Tamikan Space universe. And we are opening a fanarts contest to honour the fact! It will last for a month, in the end of February we'll name a winner who'll get a doll of their choice, of Tamikan Space or INO projects.

Like the post on Facebook or on Instagram to participate and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. up to February, 19. Drawings, photographs, collages, 3D renders or other pictures are acceptable as long as they have in them the creatures we showed (it has to be marked somehow that it's about Tamikan Space if you draw a tardigrade). We'll pick the best works and run a vote. Maybe, there'll be more than one winner…

2018 Tamikan Space anniversary fanart contest

In the night of January, 18 in 2000, there happened something that  changed Timur's life a lot and determined his art development. Maybe, one day he'll tell about it, it made him think quite differently. He considers this date the origin of Tamikan Space universe. 18 years passed as he has been assembling information, building inner logic of the story and searching for ways to tell it. There's much material—texts, drawings, languages descriptions. The first project about this universe was named INO, it appeared in 2011. Tamikan Space was launched in 2016 to show you the most we can of this universe… And it will include not only dolls.

...and are participating at the Doll Prague, the exhibition taking place in the centre of this beautiful city!

Starting this Black Friday we are opening a new preorder of our dolls up to 2nd of January. Moreover, until the middle of this Sunday evening (European time), we are offering a 15% discound for our dolls!

Tamikan Space Pet Tardigrade, blushed HereComesTheSun colourOur dolls at Doll Prague exhibition in 2017
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