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There are days when the world cracks...And the Dead come.And then the Shaman chants.And the wind among concrete blocks carries the voices of the ones that are long gone.The Dead come and dance.And the Shaman dances with them.And then the Shaman bid them farewell and they are gone, 'cause the cycle is over.

The Shaman is going to got some more stuff and go to the ancient, beautiful, mysterious and sometimes gloomy and ghosty–especially in the end of autumn–city of Prague, to take part in international exhibition at November, 24–26!

The International Doll Salon in Moscow is over, and we've re-opened preorders for all Tamikan Space and Tatar dolls up to 22nd of October.

Pre-order for Tamikan Space dolls

At the exhibition we presented a new additional smiling face and a second pair of basic hands for Tamikan Space Gal Naora. These hands are primarily for clothes changing, but can be used as additional hands for some gestures as well. We have also changed the basic pair of hands for a more general purpose one, and the former pair became additional. The Naoras of the summer preorder are being shipped with all three!

Smiling faceplate of Tamikan Space Gal NaoraBasic and smiling faceplates of Tamikan Space Gal NaoraTamikan Space Gal Naora smiling faceplate without face-upBasic hands of Tamikan Space Gal NaoraBasic hands of Tamikan Space Gal Naora

Most of the outfits we showed at the exhibition are worn by staff members and trainees at Open Academy of Hope (we are working on a stories section of Tamikan Space site!), but two of them are from Roannu region and Aua planets. We are planning to develop them as well in the future. We will gradually be adding all presented items to the catalog and they will be available to order.

This Saturday we are beginning to take orders for our new doll Tamikan Space Gal with mould Naora that we announced and showed at Dollscar BJDcon in June!

Tamikan Space Gal NaoraTamikan Space Gal NaoraTamikan Space girls at IX Dollscar in Moscow in June 2017


Boots and shoes are much harder to find or make for owners than clothes, so we are adding outfit items to Tatar page starting with footwear:

Shoes for Tatar Tatar Nәni HәzinәBoots for Tatar Tatar Nәni HәzinәBoots for Tatar Tatar Nәni HәzinәBoots for Tatar Tatar Nәni Hәzinә

...now they can wink or smile to you!

We have prepared two sets of additional emotional faceplates for Tamikan Space Aua, and we have good news if you missed the first preorder: as an event we are ready to add a couple of dolls to it! Please, visit Tamikan Space Aua order page for more information and pictures!

Tamikan Space Aua faceplates

We have rewritten the Tatar project part of the webpage so now you can e-mail the order directly from there by filling in the forms! This time we are taking only ten orders—so don't miss it:

Tatar Nәni hәzinә AlsuTatar Nәni hәzinә AlsuTatar Nәni hәzinә RuslanTatar Nәni hәzinә Alsu and RuslanTatar Nәni hәzinә Alsu (second edition) and Tatar Nәni hәzinә Ruslan

Also, we are beginning to add AmiGaTas sewing patterns to their bonuses page, starting with girl and Uno boy jeans:

Pattern of jeans for AmiGaTo UnoPattern of jeans for AmiGaTa girl
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