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 "Doll Time" exhibition is opening tomorrow! We are in the Big hall, right to the stairs.

INOs have got kids, AmiGaTas have got new clothes, Backstreet and Goth collections have got new fullsets of Una, Uno two Tresas and Quinta! And more surprises are waiting for You, ;)

Please, come!

Dummies for AmiGaTas

We are participating in "Modna lalka" ("Fashion doll") exhibition in Kiev now. In addition to Nothing Sapiens dolls we brought a Rose fairy doll by SisterFox and fashion hares by Klavdiya Marlenovna:

Tatar Nәni hәzinә AlsuGoth AmiGaTasINORose fairyFashion hares

We present AmiGaTa Goth collection, INO Simple and a brand new project! It is named Tatar and is dedicated to Kazan Tatar national costume miniature reconstruction. More information is coming soon together with a new site section.

First fullset Tatar Nәni hәzinә AlsuFirst fullset Tatar Nәni hәzinә AlsuFirst fullset Tatar Nәni hәzinә AlsuFirst fullset Tatar Nәni hәzinә AlsuTatar Nәni hәzinә AlsuTatar Nәni hәzinә AlsuTatar Nәni hәzinә AlsuTatar Nәni hәzinә AlsuTatar Nәni hәzinә AlsuTatar Nәni hәzinә AlsuTatar Nәni hәzinә AlsuTatar Nәni hәzinә AlsuTatar Nәni hәzinә Alsu

Also we are selling our spare AmiGaTa polyurethane eyes of the rare sizes of 6 and and of 8 with little iris.

Basic AmiGata Quinta preorder is open now! As usual there will be 50 dolls altogether combining 35 of basic and 15 of full set ones. 2 full set dolls have been already presented at Spring Ball in Moscow.

Take notice that there are not so many numbers left of some basic dolls, namely 9 of Una and 6 of Cuatra girls, 6 of Uno boy.

And we added a new article to our range of clothes, it is a new dress by Angry Cutie available in two colours, the model is based on Goth collection outfits.

AmiGaTa wearing a Goth dressAmiGaTa wearing a Goth dress

At last we added new pages for a new AmiGaTa face mould Quinta and for a new AmiGaTa Goth collection!

Also, we posted photos of our stand at Spring Ball in Moscow at the beginning of March, next stop is Kiev, at "Modna lalka" ("Fashion doll")!

Our stand viewTatar Nәni hәzinә AlsuAmiGaTo Unoall Goth togetherAmiGaTo UnoINO INO in their flying bioscooter

To the end of the week our dolls can be seen at the Moscow Exhibition "Spring Dolls Ball"! Our stand is 24K in the red sector second to the left to cafe entrance.

AmiGaTo Uno, AmiGaTa Cuatra and new girl Quinta are dressing as goths now! The new girl Alsu of the tatar project can also be seen as well as INO, who came on their real flying machine!

Details and site update are coming next week!

New goth collection!

Today we have reopened the orders for basic AmiGaTa Una and Cuatra and AmiGaTo Uno! We added price list to AmiGaTas Colours page.
Basic AmiGaTa Tresa is already sold out, there are only a few dolls left reserved for exhibitions and festivals fullsets.

Happy Valentine's Day!
New doll teaser!
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